Robotically-Applied, Foam Seal Specialist

Key technology benefits

From sub contract services, form in place gaskets, automotive sealing, lighting sealing solutions Robafoam are a specialist foam supplier that can offer many key technology benefits no matter what sector, such as

  • Robotically applied
  • Variable hardness: application specific
  • 3 Dimensional + Double face application
  • N.V.H. noise vibration harshness
  • IP Rating
  • 1.6mm to 20mm Bespoke bead size.
  • Precise and accurate application
  • Highly repeatable
  • Low temperature, rapid heat cure foam options
  • Black and white options
  • UK based foam material manufacture
  • Moisture cure option
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From Prototype - To Production

Whatever stage of a product lifecycle you are at, we can help. From providing design guidance, assisting product trials and applying IP sealing foam on rapid prototypes to even advising on legislation or aligning customer feedback, we are here for you.


Design concept

Advice from experts with over 30 years’ experience

CAD evaluation

Design recommendation

Design concept icon


Application of seals to rapid prototype 3D printed parts

Dedicated lab facility

Parts up to 3000 x 2000 in size

Cycle time process and cost calculation

Prototype icon

Part validation and testing

Functional testing

Composite/adhesive testing

IP 53 – IP 69

Water immersion

High pressure water spray

Fixture design

Part validation and testing icon

Pre-production (small batch)

Low volume bath request

No minimum order quantity

Process refinement

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Volume processing and system seal

Complete turnkey solutions

Material supply

3 shifts

5 cells

Plasma system

JIT supply

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MRP control system

Own vehicle logistics collection and return

Foam system support

Spare parts supply

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With our years of industry experience working with global brands such as JLR, BMW, and Mercedes, we have built up a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of industries.

We can seal any product at any stage of development with IP sealing

What makes Robafoam different?

We are the UK’ only dedicated robotic foam sealing specialist company

Dedicated laboratory cell, located within our technical centre capable of processing parts up to 2m x 3m

With decades of experience across many industry types, give our company a huge depth of knowledge in meeting sealing performance.

Working closely with designers we can give valuable insight to enhancing component deign for optimal sealing performance.