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Foam Sealing

Foam Sealing Systems

A unique process to convert single part materials into closed-cell foam.

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Contract foam gasketing

Sub-contract services

The foam systems based at our Leamington Spa facility, means that customers can introduce high specification seals, without the need to invest.

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Seal Materials

Foam sealing materials

Robafoam use and supply a range of different 1K material for their foaming process.

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Prototype Support

Prototype support

With over 30 years of experience in the field of sealing Robafoam are valuable resource for component designers.

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Lighting Sealing Solutions

LED lights require a good seal to help them with their efficiency and most people turn to silicone rubber for their sealing solution, but Robafoam's foam solution offers a fantastic option for lighting sealing needs.

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Formed-in-Place Foam Gasket (FIPFG)

Form in place gaskets are a reliable solution to sealant needs. You can have a bespoke seal that works with the preexisting structure of the material. The finished seal will be strong and dependable even in extreme weather conditions. Here is some information about form in place gaskets and the Robafoam product.

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Automotive Sealing Solutions

The production of a car is no easy task, not only are they complicated machines, the market for parts and services is a minefield of differing information. When it comes to sealing, it’s no different. There are tons of different options for sealing, but none are quite like Robafoam.

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Contract Plasma Treatment

Plasma treatment is an important part of Robafoam’s contract gasketing process. Some materials have a natural adhesion to our polyurethane foam and need no additional processing. However, some, depending on their surface energy, require additional help...

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