Prototype Support

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Key points to consider

If a designer can keep 3 key points in mind, it will benefit the sealing performance of the part:

  1. Wider bead widths generally have higher sealing performance – larger sealing faces
  2. Higher compression levels increase sealing performance
  3. Harder foam will generally improve sealing performance

However the constraints of the part design; i.e. part flexibility, span and size of fixing points, wall thickness etc. all play a contributing factor.

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About sealing performance

  • Initial component evaluation of sealing interface (CAD)
  • Processing of 1-off rapid prototype samples
  • Dedicated lab facility
  • Functional testing (IP 55-69K)
  • Commercial and technical feedback

Expertise comes from experience and being the largest contract foam sealing business in the UK, Robafoam represents a considerable design resource for our customers offers. Your interaction with our experts can be both commercial and technically beneficial to your development process. For further information regarding part design, please download our design guide.

With our years of industry experience working with global brands such as JLR, BMW, and Mercedes, we have built up a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of industries.

What makes Robafoam different?

We are the UK’ only dedicated robotic foam sealing specialist company

Dedicated laboratory cell, located within our technical centre capable of processing parts up to 2m x 3m

With decades of experience across many industry types, give our company a huge depth of knowledge in meeting sealing performance.

Working closely with designers we can give valuable insight to enhancing component deign for optimal sealing performance.