Foam sealing materials

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Foam Sealing Materials

In basic terms, our materials are heat-curing, liquid rubbers that can be converted into a closed-cell foam to create compression seals. Alternatively, used as a foam or in its natural un-foamed state, it can be used as a rapid cure adhesive, potting agent or even used as a moulding compound in open or closed moulds. As a result, our sealing systems offer a flexible seal that can support most needs with protection that can be trusted and reliable.

Foam Sealing Materials

What Temperature Does A Foam Seal Cure At?

Our material cures at temperatures above 76°C, therefore providing excellent workability as no reaction occurs at ambient. If the curing temperature can be increased, then the cure time decreases – to as low as 5 seconds. Typically, we cure plastic components at 80°C in 2 to 7 mins. Adjusting the level of entrained air in the material enables differing Shore 00 hardness to be achieved (from 30 ~ 80). So, this single part material – which requires no mixing or purging – has infinite open-time and therefore very little waste. This means our sealing system offers great chemical properties for sealant solutions.

Benefits Of Foam Sealing Materials

  • One-component mechanically converted to foam.
  • Adjustable softness by controlled air entrainment.
  • Predominantly closed-cell material structure.
  • Thixotropic (suitable for 3D applications)
  • Moisture cure and rapid heat cure options
  • Watertight starting at 30% compression UL 50 E approved.
  • Temperature range -40c to +130c
  • Good and broad chemical resistance
  • Fully compliant to STJLR.51.5144_iss 2. 2017
Foam Sealing
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We use the CeraCon gasket system in our outdoor wall glazing luminaires, and we are extremely happy with the performance of the gasket. As you might imagine, LED luminaires don’t take kindly to water ingress – especially when they are in the ground, so having a high performance gasket solution is key to customer satisfaction.

Head of Supply Chain, acdc lighting

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With our years of industry experience working with global brands such as JLR, BMW, and Mercedes, we have built up a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of industries.

What makes Robafoam different?

We are the UK’ only dedicated robotic foam sealing specialist company

Dedicated laboratory cell, located within our technical centre capable of processing parts up to 2m x 3m

With decades of experience across many industry types, give our company a huge depth of knowledge in meeting sealing performance.

Working closely with designers we can give valuable insight to enhancing component deign for optimal sealing performance.