Development Tender

Robafoam Ltd, Units 1 & 9 Berrington Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV31 1NB

Start date: 4th November 2022

Robafoam are looking for specialist machine builders / engineering companies to undertake a d stage development process of their prototype mechanical foam creation machine. Our prototype single-cylinder system can validate the process-concept but needs to evolve so that it can continually generate foam material. This will be a necessity for this equipment to be “productionized” and therefore become a system with market value. 

Working with the existing prototype system based in Leamington Spa, the appointed contractor will be expected to complete the following:

  1. Design and construct the necessary electronic software and hardware controls to allow a duplication of foam cylinder usage.
  2. Design, manufacture and integrate the dosing cylinder, making modifications to the existing doser system to allow this increase in equipment capability.   
  3. Design and construct a suitable enclosure of the entire system, will all necessary CE & UKCA markings to meet international standards.  

We expect this work on this project to commence as soon as possible and must be completed by 31st March 2023. Payment will be made in instalments as each phase of the project is completed above.  We will assess each bid for the tender in the following way:

  • Experience and demonstrable expertise in the necessary Design / Electronic and hydraulic based engineering 40% 
  • Meeting required timescale 30%
  • Price 20%

If you are interested in tendering for this opportunity or like to know more, please contact the team at or give us a call on 01926 336 231.

This tender will be advertised for 14 days and the closing date for tenders will be 18/11/2022 @ 11:59pm. 

This tender award is subject to ERDF Grant Offer from CW Innovation Programme which will be part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.