Contract Plasma Treatment

Plasma treatment is an important part of Robafoam’s contract gasketing process. Some materials have a natural adhesion to our polyurethane foam and need no additional processing. However, some, depending on their surface energy, require additional help. Plasma treatment is one of those ways to help create the natural adhesion of our polyurethane foam to the required part.

The “atmospheric plasma” changes the Dyne value (Dyne/cm2) of the material, with the optimal value for adhesion with our foam products being 50 Dyne/cm2. All our 6 axis robots are equipped with a plasma system to use with our Contract Gasketing customers. The application of plasma is part of the same process, carried out just before the foam bead is applied.

Plasma can also be included as part of the installation of a foam system on the customer’s site.

With our years of industry experience working with global brands such as JLR, BMW, and Mercedes, we have built up a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of industries.

What makes Robafoam different?

We are the UK’ only dedicated robotic foam sealing specialist company

Dedicated laboratory cell, located within our technical centre capable of processing parts up to 2m x 3m

With decades of experience across many industry types, give our company a huge depth of knowledge in meeting sealing performance.

Working closely with designers we can give valuable insight to enhancing component deign for optimal sealing performance.