Robafoam’s History

Our UK company was established in 2012 after identifying the need for a specialist business to provide the service of “Contract Gasketing” in the UK. The decision to start this venture was based on the founders 30+ years in the industrial & automotive adhesive and sealant sector.

Contract Gasketing is the use of high precision 6 axis robot systems, to automatically apply complex foam seals or adhesives directly to customers parts. This service being flexible enough to produce individual prototype parts, through the development phases to full, high-volume quantities. The benefit for the end customer, is that this robotic seal application can be adopted without the usual and significant capital investment in specialist automation and sealing technology.

Foam Sealing Technology
Robafoam warehouse
Robafoam Team

Working in partnership with the German company CeraCon GmbH, our processes were based around their 1K foam sealing technology. The production facility, which was deliberately located centrally in Leamington Spa, opened in early 2013. Trading as CeraCon Ltd, we also adopted those existing UK customers using this 1K foam technology, providing technical support, the servicing requirements of their systems and supplying spare parts.

Over 7 years our core areas of activity can generally be categorised into two areas:

  1. Helping resolve customers sealing or performance concerns on existing product designs.
  2. Working closely with part designers to apply our technical expertise and knowledge in the refinement of their concepts to optimise sealing performance.

Our company has grown rapidly year on year and as most product assemblies require some form of seal, our customer base is diverse, ranging across virtually all industry types. From Automotive to Lighting, Marine to Construction, Electronic to Telecoms. The list keeps growing.

Robafoam employee working

By 2019 we were operating five robot sealing production cells across a multi-shift working pattern and continued to expand. At the end of 2019 we opened a Technical Centre and installed a large laboratory robot cell, with a dedicated focus on supporting the developing Electric Vehicle battery sealing market.

Naturally, the Global concerns of 2020 and the United Kingdoms departure from the European Union at the end of this year effected all UK companies in some way. The diversity of our UK market enabled us to continue to grow in difficult times but highlighted the differences between the UK and German business models. So, at the end of 2020 it was decided that the UK would change from a partnership to an exclusive distribution provider for CeraCon products and an MBO was arranged. To celebrate its unique and independent business model, our UK company rebranded; continuing its expansion, diversification, and market development; but at the same time ensure all existing customers have the same high levels of service and support.

What we do

Robafoam Ltd are a specialist company whose technology and expertise is focused on the automatic application of foam seals. With over 30 years industrial adhesive and sealant experience we represent a significant resource in this field.

As a business, our sealing services, cross virtually all industry types. Our core focus is to provide the precise, robotic application of 2D and 3D compression joints, ensuring high level IP rated watertight seals. The technology and service is also applicable for NVH requirements, bonding, potting and encapsulation.

Based in the very centre of the UK, with its Headquarters in Warwickshire, we are at the very heart of automotive manufacture and the drive towards electric vehicle technology.

R is for


Being experts in our field, we pride ourselves in applying our knowledge to each customer’s specific requirements.


We aim to deliver each customer peace of mind, so they are confident that everything is being taken care of. After all, the success of our customers products is the key to our business development.


The information you receive from us will always be clear and concise. We understand our industries and our partners, therefore we will always work with you to achieve the best outcome.


We recognise that timely communication is critical. Therefore we always act quickly according to the challenges faced, to solve any and all problems.


The materials we use are compliant with virtually all European automotive standards and tested to specific UL approvals. We are accredited to British Standard ISO9001-2015

What makes Robafoam different?

We are the UK’ only dedicated robotic foam sealing specialist company

Dedicated laboratory cell, located within our technical centre capable of processing parts up to 2m x 3m

With decades of experience across many industry types, give our company a huge depth of knowledge in meeting sealing performance.

Working closely with designers we can give valuable insight to enhancing component deign for optimal sealing performance.